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IFAS/FLEGT Stakeholder Meeting

A stakeholder meeting was held 10 May at the Forestry Division, where RDF presented the findings from their Technical Assessment. Particular focus was on a new process for administering the forestry concessions and licenses issued. The meeting was well attended, by MAFFS staff, Ministry of Trade, Timber Associations, National Revenue Authority, Police, National Security Office, FAO and EC.

Last week, RDF has installed the equipment and systems required for the division to operate the Forestry Concessions Administration System (FCAS). Most existing licenses have already been digitized, and the divsion will start using the system to issue new licenses.

The license data will be made available to stakeholder in the GoSL Online Repository over the coming months.

Minister Launch the GoSL Online Repository

On Thursday 19 January, the Minister of Mineral Resources Hon. A. M. Mansaray launched the GoSL Online Repository at the National Stadium, Freetown. The GoSL Online Repository, providing the public with full access to all industrial mineral licenses and pyaments made to governement. The repository also contains all exporters licenses and related payments, and is planned to include timber licenses later in 2012.

The Honourable Minister Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray announced “Madam Chairperson, ladies and gentlemen, we are here today to launch a solid tool of transparency that is crucial to fiscal good governance, and will prove very useful for stakeholders, researcher, investors and indeed the people of Sierra Leone. As a country we are very proud to be among only a handful of countries around the world that operate the system we are about to launch.”

RDF starts IFAS project with FLEGT funding

The Revenue Development Foundation signed an agreement with FAO today, starting the pilot phase of the IFAS project signed with the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security in February 2010. The funding is from with the European Commission’s ACP-FLEGT Programme.

The project implementation started immediately, with a technical assessment currently underway.