Companies or individuals may apply for a Timber Licence, Minor Forest Produce Licence, Fuelwood/Charcoal Transport Permit, Protected Tree Licence, Clearance Licence, Fuelwood/Charcoal Production Permit, Export Permit, or Import Permit. Applications along with the required fees must be sent to the relevant Licence Officer. A forest stumpage fee must also be paid, as well as a reforestation fee, training fee, minor forest produce fee, grazing fee, and royalties to land owners or Chiefdom Administration. Details on Fees and royalties can be found here.

An area of national forest can be exploited under a utilization or plantation concession for an area under 10 square miles and/or the total round wood yield or the allowable cut under 2500 cubic metres. An invitation to tender will be published in Sierra Leone newspapers, with investors being allowed at least thirty days to submit an application.

If you want to send in an application please download the appropriate file:

Application for Clearance Licence

Application for Fuelwood/Charcoal Production Permit

Application for Fuelwood/Charcoal Transport Permit

Application for Permit to Export Charcoal

Application for Permit to Export Timber

Application for Timber Licence

Application to Fell a Protected Tree

Application for a Minor Forest Produce Licence

Applicants must always remember to fulfill certain criteria before applying for a Forestry Right. Below applicants can download checklists / user guidelines for when applying for: Starting Processing Business (Concessionaires) / Getting an Export License, Concession Agreement Application, Power Saw Registrations, Timber Harvest Licenses and Transport Permits UserGuidelines


3 thoughts on “Applications

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  2. David Harry Gail

    I am desperate for information on American international Lumber co.They are an american company out of montana claiming to have a harvest and export license in Sierra Leone since 2013.The CEO is John Flynn whom appears to be of dubious reputation.He may be partnered with one Smouck Dovid Houck of Bejing.

    1. David Harry Gail

      Has anyone heard of this co.American international timber?Do they have permit to harvest timber?Thanks.


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